Sylph Circus

The Daisy Chain Project

Empowering refugee and migrant youth through circus and mentoring regional artists to create arts projects with impact Daisy Chain is a recent partnership project between Sylph Circus and Vulcana Women’s Circus in Brisbane.  The project was aimed at empowering refugee and migrant youth from Milpera State School through a series of circus community engagement workshops whilst training Sylph Circus director and young trainees in project management and workshop facilitation. Mentored by Celia   → View the full article


Congratulations to Cindy Schwenn, an AMP Tomorrow Maker Winner!  Cindy will be receiving funds for obtaining her riggers training and for the purchase of new crash mats for Sylph Circus!  This will help Sylph Circus to be independent in our rigging and have more crash mats to allow for more apparatus to be used in each class. Thank you AMP for helping Sylph Circus to become self-suffiecient in the safety department.  See pg.15 of the AMP Tomorrow Maker PDF to see Cindy’s profile. https://w   → View the full article

Limbo at Objectify Dec 6

Sylph Circus Performance Troupe will be presenting their feature show for 2014 – Limbo: A Refugee Story at the Objectify Circus and Fire Festival at Conondale (near Maleny) on the evening of Saturday December 6th.  The show will feature eight talented young people presenting a story about refugees told in circus aerials, juggling, acro and physical theatre.  Set to live music by musicians Sue Moxon and Aleathia Monsour with lyrics by refugee people, this show promises to be a touching and   → View the full article